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Everything about New Years Resolutions

Ah, the beginning of a new year. A time filled with new ambitions, plans, goals, and a clean slate or fresh start if you will. Most of us start the new year off with the right intentions and goals of improving some aspect of our lives. Exercise or health-related goals are by far the most common goal of improvement. The unfortunate news is that very few of us stick with and ultimately achieve these goals.
Here are some facts for you

-41% of Americans set a resolution

-9% of the 41% were successful in achieving these goals

Here are some proven ways to ensure success in achieving your goals

1. Set S-M-A-R-T goals:

S: Specific (goal must be specific instead of saying I want to lose weight, pick a specific amount such as 15 lbs)

M: Measurable (does your goal have a measurable component? Saying you want to feel better is great but it isn't measurable whereas saying you want to lose 15 lbs is)

A: Attainable (Is your goal something that is realistically achievable. Make sure of this so you don't set yourself up to fail from the start)

R: Relevant (Pick a goal that is relevant to an aspect of your life)

T: Time Bound (setting a timeframe that you want to accomplish a goal within is necessary to keep yourself on track)

2. Find a companion:

-A strong support system goes hand in hand with successful individuals

-Having a friend, spouse, or trainer to meet with and workout with will help to ensure accountability and the feeling that someone is counting on you

-Sticking with a life change is simple but never easy. Having someone to share the potential struggle with is highly valuable

-We're stronger together and are motivated by one another

3. Be good, not great:

-You've always been told that good is the enemy of great. I'm here to tell you this isn't always true

-I would rather you have 3 solid, good workouts in a week over just one workout that's incredible and a killer

-We don't need to hit a home run every time we work toward a goal

-I'd rather you be good 10 times out of 10 than great 1 time out of 10

-Consistently is king

4. Focus on the journey:

-Having your eyes on the big, ultimate goal has value but keeping your focus on the day-to-day journey will serve best

-Make sure to recognize and celebrate the little wins as the sum of these results in success

5. Start slow:

-When starting to work towards a goal start off slowly at an attainable pace

-For example, with exercise, this could mean working out 1-2x per week initially to avoid starting out too quickly and burning out

-You have so much time ahead of you so there is no need to rush into anything

6. Consult someone who can help

-Don't be afraid to seek help when getting started

-If you're starting a new lifestyle or implementing a big change it's wise to make sure you're going about it properly. That goes for anything, not just exercising

-As a personal trainer I want people to benefit from exercise and not hurt themselves or do something that is wasting their time

-The list of fitness misconceptions and myths is significantly longer than I wish so if you feel unsure or want confirmation on what you're doing please reach out to me!

Working out can be intimidating. It is my role as a personal trainer to minimize this intimation and help build your confidence and knowledge. I'm here for you and would love to help support you in any way that you need! Let 2023 be a year of great health!!



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