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Massage Therapy Services

Do you have any of the following?

-Chronic pain

-Trouble sleeping


-Frequent headaches

-Lack of energy or focus

-Areas of muscle tension or “knots”


-Lack of range of motion or flexibility

-Stiff back, knees, neck, or shoulder

-A little bit of everything listed?


Why go through life feeling this way? 


HTC Personal Trainer Jarrod Holt is now offering Massage Therapy and has been trained in a wide variety of styles/modalities of bodywork. Jarrod has great knowledge and a variety of methods/techniques to help assist in your specific needs.


These techniques/styles include the following:


-Deep Tissue

-Myofascial Release Treatment

-Sports Massage

-Trigger Point Therapy

-Table and Floor Thai Massage

-Assisted Stretching


-Gua Sha

-Chair Massage


If living life without the previously mentioned ailments is something you’re interested in, contact Jarrod to determine how to get started on living your life to the best potential! 

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