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Sarcopenia and Holy Grail of Youth (AKA Resistance Training)

Did you know that every single year after the age of 60 you lose 3% of your muscle mass? This loss of muscle mass is medically known as Sarcopenia. Some common signs and symptoms include:
-Poor balance and falling frequently
-Frequent aches, pain
-Weight loss without trying (not due to a diet or exercise regimen)
-Feeling colder than you used to and feeling like you can’t get warm (muscle acts as a furnace and keeps our body warm)
-Weakened grip strength (holding onto things and opening jars, etc is more difficult)
-Fatiguing easily (out of breath walking up stairs)

If you relate to one or most of these symptoms do not fret! I have a foolproof plan for how to prevent, minimize and even reverse the process of Sarcopenia. Allow me to present to you the Holy Grail of Youth…STRENGTH TRAINING!

Consistent regular strength and resistance training two times per week provide incredible benefits, one of which is preventing sarcopenia. Cardio-based activities such as walking, biking, etc are fantastic and should be done by everyone, but those activities do not prevent muscular decay. Full-body strength training is the golden ticket to optimal living. As a personal trainer, I encourage everyone to give it a try, you might just surprise yourself and start to feel years younger and relate less to the previously mentioned symptoms.

I’m here to help you get started on this journey and would be thrilled to introduce/reintroduce strength training to you in any capacity, whether that’s joining one of my classes, working privately with me, learning how to utilize exercise equipment, or completing training programs I’ve written for you on your own time, I’m here for you! My motto is that strength is to us as armor is to a soldier. The more you have the more you can withstand!

Reach out to me with questions on how to get started on how to “Live Life Better!”

In health,
Jarrod Holt

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