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Winter Nutrition Guide

As we enter the heart of winter again, we are faced with the cold and flu season. It’s more important right now than ever to get on top of our body's immune system and health. Here is a list of suggestions that I follow and suggest you do as well to ward off sickness.

Supplement with the BIG 3:
  • Zinc: Plays a major role in many bodily functions, namely immune support and tissue repair

  • Recommend daily dosage 20-40mg to be taken with a meal

  • Vitamin D: There has been a proven correlation between Vitamin D deficiency and worsened COVID symptoms

  • Taking 5000 IU per day is recommended to aid in immune support, bone health, and mood (avoid seasonal depression)

  • Vitamin C: I’m sure everyone has heard to take Vitamin C when you get sick or to avoid being sick and it's true, lower vitamin C levels correlate to lower immunity

  • Recommended daily dosage 1000mg

All 3 of these can be taken in supplement form but some foods high in these are:
  • Zinc: seafood, meat, seeds

  • Vitamin D: Fish, eggs

  • Vitamin C: Apples, oranges, pineapples

Drink plenty of water:
  • It can be easy to forget about hydration when it's cold outside but that doesn’t mean our body doesn't need water as much as in the warmer months

  • Everyone needs a minimum of 60oz of water per day. Ideally 80-100oz. This is especially true for you since you exercising

Live Foods:
  • Live foods are food that grows from the earth and isn’t produced in a factory

  • Fruits and veggies should be eaten every day and ideally more than once a day

  • Boosts and kickstarts bodies immunity and keeps your engine running well

  • Boosts our body's immunity and keeps your internal engine running well

  • Great job if you’re already doing this, keep it up!

Let me know what specific questions you have for me!

In Health,
Jarrod Holt

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